What is Franchising?

“Franchising is a method for expanding a business and distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship. In franchising, franchisors (a person or company that grants the licence to a third party for the conducting of a business under their marks) not only specify the products and services that will be offered by the franchisees (a person or company who is granted the licence to do business under the trademark and trade name by the franchisor), but also provide them with an operating system, brand and support.”

Why The Luxfair Package

Operate under an established brand

One of the biggest benefits of the franchise model is being able to operate under a recognisable brand with an existing customer base.

Receive training

You will take part in a comprehensive training programme, so you are completely confident with running the business. You will have access to an operations manual and attend conferences and networking events, where you can share experiences with other franchisees Due to receiving this training, you don’t always need to have previous experience in the sector or running a business to be accepted onto the programme. This makes the franchise model ideally suited to individuals who want to follow their passions and enter a different sector.

Strong on-going support network

The wonderful thing about the franchise model is that you never feel alone. The minute you have a query or are unsure about how to deal with something, you can simply ask the franchisor or the franchise support team. However, you are still in control of your business. The franchise model provides the independence of small business ownership but with the support and other benefits of a large business network.

Marketing assistance

The franchise will provide you with proven tools for attracting and retaining customers. Lots of franchises even have a centralised sales and marketing team that generates fantastic campaigns that strengthen the entire brand, and therefore your franchise business.

Operations Manual

As part of the Franchise package you and your team will receive a full Operations Manual explaining in detail how to run a Real Estate business. This Operations Manual is updated regularly after feedback from Staff and changes in Leglislation.

CRM – Operating System

To run the day to day business of a Real Estate business you need a CRM system. This is provided to you from Day 1 of your Franchise. It will handle listings, viewings, advertising ofthe properties, staff calendars and lots more. Continuous improvements are made to it after Head Office and Franchisee feedback.

IT Support

All businesses rely on IT now and our Franchise offering is no different. We supply the knowledge and the back up on IT, from email addresses, CRM log ins, website, etc. etc. This is something we are passionate about as the world moves into a virtual world. Continuous modernisation off ideas is our goal along with strong support.

Financial Assistance

Franchisees will always want to grow their business. Some choose organically, some through acquisitions. A mixture of both is ideal. As such we can supply expert advice on buying other businesses and even, if required, give some financial assistance through our Assisted Purchase Scheme (APS). Always remember Unity Brings Success

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