International Sales

We are always looking for deals, both locally and abroad, that we think will appeal to your the Property Investor.

Buying a property is always a painstaking event, and this is made even harder if buying abroad. At Luxfair Real Estate we aim to make this whole process easier and less risky financially.

We have teamed up with a UK Developer who is known personally by our CEO, Derrick Maguire. This Developer builds all around the North West of England. Areas were the best growth is forecast over the coming years due to HS2 and Government investment in the infrastructure.

To make this purchase even less risky, Luxfair Real Estate have negotiated a 5 year, yes 5 year Rent Guarantee period on any properties bought. Included within the service is furniture packs, legal services, full property ,management of your investment by a first class agency.

This is something you do not want to miss!

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